X Factor UK judge Tulisa Contostaylos Leaked BJ FUN Tape

An X tape allegedly featuring” X Factor” UK judge Tulisa Contostaylos has been leaked online. The raunchy cellphone footage, which showed a girl resembling Tulisa Contostaylos performing oral fun on an unidentified man emerged online. The video shows the woman performing the pleasure act on a man some are claiming is former” N-Dubz” bandmate and ex-boyfriend Richard Rawson a.k.a. Fazer.

Those who have seen the video, and admits that the woman does resemble Tulisa, but the pop artist and TV judge has yet to comment on authenticity of the video directly since it was leaked Monday. The website that leaked the video says that they’ve been threatened with legal action by Tulisa’s lawyer and have been force to take the video down. Tulisa Contostaylos has allegedly obtained a gag order in the UK after the sex video featuring a woman thought to be the N-Dubz star leaked online.

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